Friday, October 16, 2015

A day in a Developer's life..

If you have the following requirements upon executing command in a batch file: -

1) Do not display the command being executed on the UI Solution --
echo off

2) Prevent the DOS window from getting closed automatically on completion of the commands in the batch file by prompting the user to enter input is achieved by prefixing the command with cmd \k

3) Add the below commands in windows batch file if you are getting the annoying message - "Picked up JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS: -agentlib:jvmhook ....

Solution is to unset below env variables as:
echo off


To compare two similar excel files having many worksheets, one may download the plugin:

It is downloadable from and is compatible from Excel 2000 or later:


The classpath for this project does not appear to contain the necessary libraries to proceed with class generation.
Please insure that a JAXB implementation is available on the classpath. Couldn't find the main class

Check with the installed JRE in eclipse

Preference > Java > Installed JRE

If it points to jre then point it to jdk installation directory.


Class Cast Exception when trying to unmarshall xml?

Source source = new StreamSource(inputStream);
JAXBElement<FooClass> root = unmarshaller.unmarshal(source, FooClass.class);
FooClass foo = root.getValue();

Unit Test for JAXB 2.0 Marshalling


A simple fix for this problem - rather than worrying about adding additional plugins or installs - is to install Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers rather than Eclipse Classic (both to be found here). This comes with the JAXB support and therefore provides the >Generate>Jaxb classes option.


Unknown object in stream 

bouncy castle PGP object factory

This issue has no resolution upon searching in google. However, All I did was to catch the exception and voila!. The decryption worked like charm. This issue doesn't occur if the size of the encrypted data is small. You'll encounter this kind of error when the size of the encrypted data is bit larger than usual. 

Change the encoding from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1
This will fix the xml parsing error - " Input is not proper UTF-8, indicate encoding!, Bytes: 0x96, 0x20, 0x42 0x61

If encountering "The given SOAPAction does not match an operation."

Reason could be that the endpoint URL and the WSDL  in SoapUI aren't compatible.
Still, one could submit the requests in this scenario and to avoid receiving the above error message, Please set the "Skip SOAP Action" Test step property as true.
Issue resolved! No need to import the corresponding WSDL of the endpoint service.

To find the size of a table (having name SERVICETABLE) in kilobytes



To find the duplicates in a table:
select requesthash, count(requesthash) from SERVICETABLE group by requesthash having count(requesthash)>1

Monday, January 5, 2009

Prithvi's doctrine

As per records, World war 2 has ended in the year 1945 but still the world continues to be at war in the year 2009. This is not a breaking news but a disturbing one.
Isn't it?

There is a pattern - The current and late super power do not fight against each other.
They make two regions as pawns and instigate a conflict between them as in the case of Vietnam and Korea.
Secondly, the super powers mask themselves as political movements & name them as capitalism and communism. There by, the real offenders stay behind the screen.

India could apply the same model to win against Pakistan or any other trouble makers.
Engage the enemy in fighting amongst themselves so that they neither get time nor mind to meddle in our affairs.

Recently, Mumbai massacre on 26/11/'08 ignited debates on what needs to be done.
I think, none of them came close to the bull's eye.
Elites showed their anguish on politicians.
Media was engrossed in breaking the news.
Police and investigation agencies were busy proving Pakistan to be the culprit. Who else could be?
Now, Let me ask a different question?
What if China or America were behind this violence.
Will the same mob ask us to carpet bomb America like it wanted on Pakistan??

A problem might have MANY solutions but, only FEW of them are optimal.
Aforementioned, certainly holds true.

A best friend of mine had the below query:
Srinivas Naik: "Hey Prithvi, Why haven't you used your right to vote?"
Me: "I don't want to use my voting right instead I want to utilize it.. "

There is software to choose 7 wonders of the modern world but Alas! none to elect 'The President'.
There are schools that groom administrative officers but Alas! none to make 'The Statesman'.

I see efforts are being made towards changing the political system. It translates into unconventional products from bollywood like 'Yuva', 'Rang De Basanti'.
Even a party sprung up by name 'Lok Paritran'.

Enlightenment is not sufficient. There is a dire need to change the approach.
It is difficult for 'Lok Paritran' to win an election on the current grounds based on all the unfair means in place.
Lets get real. It is a herculean task to make masses vote for real goodie.
If the OPTIMAL solution for winning an election is by rigging, then Let 'Lok Paritran' do it!!

If you had read till this point of my theories and conspiracies, Please leave a comment.
I will be glad to reply.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Demotivator => Challenger

I often come across people who demotivate me.
I pondered on why would someone make such derogatory remarks. My mind was hovering over the quotes made by few jealous aquaintainces unworthy of becoming my friends. I realised the loss in my productivity due to the engagement of my mind with these thoughts. I discovered transforming these demotivational propositions into inspirational statements does make wonders..
Demotivators implies Inspirators.
Eureka!! I found a new formula..

Friday, September 21, 2007

Dialog box to choose workspace in eclipse

Inorder to enable popping of a Dialog box to select a workspace in an eclipse application,
browse to configuration\.settings under eclipse root directory and edit org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs

Therez another way around to do this by editing the registry.
Would post about it some other time.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Keeping on the trend of finding the differences as in my earlier posts but importantly understanding them, herez the basic difference between the environment variables PATH and CLASSPATH :
PATH stores the location of executables where as CLASSPATH holds that of classes or jar files.
Hence, the common mistake of placing the bin directory inside CLASSPATH could be avoided by appropriately placing them in PATH variable.